DON’T even know where to start with this.

There are many reasons to hate BIG government & politicians who support it.  For me, they are always trying to solve “problems” that don’t exist with policies that have the opposite effect.

Coming in a strong second are politicians with questionable ethics and an entitlement mentality. That they are above the law and that no one has the right to even question their motives.

If there were a Mount Rushmore for these politicians, there is no doubt in my mind that both Bill and Hillary Clinton would be flanking Dick Nixon.  Set aside the steamer trunks full of past baggage and focus on email-insky (I’ve recently taken to adding “-insky” to the Clinton scandals instead of the traditional “-gate.”).

Hillary did NOT set up a private email server so that she wouldn’t have to carry two mobile phones. It wasn’t because Bill already had one in the basement and was pounding away at his Blackberry all the time.  He has supposedly only sent two emails in his entire life.

The only reason that Hillary would possibly set up a private email server is to ensure that she has total control over her legacy at the State Department.  No skeletons here, only me rising to the challenge of the 3:00 am wake-up call.

Even if there were no laws broken here–a big, murky IF–this stinks to high heavens.  It’s unfathomable that she never, never, ever sent or received a classified email on her only email address over her entire 4 years as Madame Secretary. Given her prior stonewalling (i.e., Travel-insky, Whitewater-insky), does she think really expect us to believe that she would voluntarily turn over emails that paint her in an unfavorable or even criminal light?

And why aren’t the environmentalists pissed that Hillary’s people printed out 55,000 pages of emails instead of handing them over electronically?