EVERYONE talks about how the Federal Debt has ballooned over the past two Presidents.  And it has.

According to About.com, here is the growth in US Debt coinciding with every President since Reagan left office:

  • 1988: $2.6 trillion (Reagan)
  • 1992: $4.0 trillion (Bush 41)
  • 2000: $5.6 trillion (Clinton)
  • 2008: $10.0 trillion (Bush 43)
  • Today: $18.4 trillion (Obama)

Want to be really depressed?  Watch the Debt Clock.  There you will find the real nightmare that no one talks about–$98.6 trillion in unfunded Federal Government liabilities.  This includes  $14.4 trillion in unfunded Social Security liabilities and $27.6 trillion in unfunded Medicare liabilities.