IN order to receive security clearance, someone has to go through extensive background checks, training and certification.

Part of that training is being able to immediately recognize classified information the minute you see it regardless of whether it has any kind of classification assigned to it.  Another part of that training covers how the information needs to be handled, including express instructions on where it can be stored, how it should be sent and received, and who can have access to it.

Hillary’s main argument has been she “never sent or received any material marked classified, and that hasn’t changed in all of these months.” She is essentially glossing over the point that she should have known the information was classified by its nature, not by its stamp.

So one of three things are in play here:

  1. Hillary had a series of senior moments and was fuzzy on her security clearance training.
  2. Hillary remembers her training and has a bad sense of judgment when it comes to classifying classified materials.
  3. Hillary is lying through her teeth.

I would argue that all three of these things are enough to create significant doubt on her qualifications for President.  The latter two are enough to indict Hillary.