TWENTY-THREE years of scandals followed by righteous indignation. Decades of ruthless, naked ambition followed by calculated displays of warmth and contrived belly laughs.

All of this and Hillary’s handlers still don’t think we know her.  Just ask Jerry Crawford, Iowa chairman of Clinton’s 2008 presidential run:

I just want America to know the Hillary Clinton I know.  I want as many people as possible  to get to know the woman I’ve seen behind closed doors. She’s bright, disciplined, quick to throw her head back and laugh — just a very, very attractive person.

We just don’t know her, so it must be the packaging.

Now that Bill’s elected, it’s Hillary RODHAM Clinton.  Uh oh, hyphens don’t poll test well, so it’s back to Hillary Clinton.  Now its just HILLARY!

We just don’t know her, so it must be the packaging.

Three months ago, The Washington Post described what was then Hillary 5.0 (I believe it is now up to 6.0 or 7.0 depending on when you read this). Brand gurus who repositioned Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart are trying to remake Hillary’s image.

We just don’t know her, so it must be the packaging.

Let’s do a focus group. They want authenticity. They want spontaneity.  So let’s make a concerted effort to have her appear authentic and let’s SCRIPT some spontaneity.

Are you kidding me? Instead of just naturally being yourself (I think that is the definition of authentic), it takes an artificial group of selected-to-best-represent-the-typical-American voters to tell you you need to be yourself.

The problem is that being herself is NOT being authentic.  At some point, my dear brand gurus and Clinton loyalists, you have to recognize that.

It’s not the packaging, it’s the package.